#21: Bexley Pizza Plus at 2651 E. Main St (Bexley).

There are different type of pizza shop owners. Some are businessmen and women who just happened to do pizza. Others have a deep passion for creating an experience for your taste buds.

The culinary passion of Brad Rocco is what makes Bexley Pizza Plus a great and tasty destination. His Facebook timeline is full of different ventures with different types of foods, meats, and seasonings.

His pizza is quite literally award-winning. Notably, he won the 2014 International Pizza Challenge in Las Vegas. So, if the pie has that kind of creds behind it, you know it's going to be good.

Menu highlights: The Ultimate Pizza has two different types of pepperoni and two different types of mushrooms. According to Rocco, this is Bexley Pizza Plus' most popular menu items. "Pizzazz" also had a nice medley of fresh toppings.

However, the one we suggest is the Red Eye - pepperoni, roasted red peppers and onions, hot peppers and mini pepperoni, too!

#20: Yellow Brick Pizza at 892 Oak St (Columbus).

It's kind of hard to describe the experience we had inside Yellow Brick Pizza: it's part art house, part arcade. Of course, it's also a pizza house - and there's no lack of depth there.

Yellow Brick is the brainchild of still-divorced duo Bobby Silver and Faith Pierce. "Clearly we're not meant to be together," says Silver. But, in a business-sense, they are. It's evident they've carved for themselves an eccentric niche in the city.

Some of the staff has art hanging in the place. Silver, for example, has at least two chalk portraits currently housed on the Oak Street establishment. There is also a pinball-centered arcade on the second floor dubbed "Arcade Super Awesome."

Tristano's Pizzeria closed in Grove City on June 30th of 2016. But, Pierce and Silver bought the recipe and now regularly make the "pizza cake" inside their restaurant.

If you go: We suggest the deep dish or the Jerry Lee Lewis.

Visit their website HERE.